TASUKERU INU: A Cryptocurrency That Takes Charity Donations To The Next Level

by Jeannie Mcgee

27 October 2021: Cryptocurrency has boomed since the pandemic struck the world as people are on the lookout for a source of passive income and a wise place to invest. as 80% of the world moved to the virtual world, the use of blockchain also increased as one of the safest security systems in the world. 
Depending on a centralised entity to handle our transactions has time and again proven risky and unfeasible. People have found out about the numerous advantages of decentralisation and thus digital coin is at the forefront of bringing about a change in global economics. TASUK token is taking a step forward to do the same. 
What is TASUK?
TASUK is a charity, deflationary token that gives more than it gets. A part of every transaction goes towards donation and is deposited in a charity wallet. It is also an innovative solution for social issues. It promotes transparency and openness which also lowers transaction costs building trust all along the road that bridges physical from the digital world. 
TASUK and Charity 
TASUK focuses on those who want to get their hands on systems that were inaccessible to them before. TASUK creates an ecosystem for crypto users to connect with charitable enterprises that allow them to have direct control over their actions. TASUK charity is not giving something away from the holders pocket but rather a predetermined price that is already set for this cause. 
Features of TASUK
It is secure and committed to building trust and compliance to achieve objectives together as a community. It has an efficient system that allows people to achieve their goals rather quickly. 
It is completely risk-free and provides a smooth exchange path for its clients. To ensure trade safety, the platform uses corporate cryptography, decentralisation and comprehending standards. 
Tokenomics of TASUK 
The token has a total supply of 1 trillion out of which 2% is reserved for charity, 1% of the team, 2% marketing/tie ups/ (80% doxxed for 5 years) and 20% initial burn, 20% burn before launch. 54% is used among the community for various purposes. 
To know more about TASUK, visit https://tasukeruinu.com/# 

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