Income generation on DeFi, explained

Income generation on DeFi, explained


Modern tools can improve the earning process by diversifying asset exposure and empowering AI for quicker reaction times.

Although DeFi returns appear promising, investors must continue to air on the side of caution and remember even in DeFi, “get-rich-quick” schemes do not exist. Instead, a minimum level of awareness on topics such as how the blockchain works and what an automated market maker (AMMs) is are necessary for users to deploy passive income generation methods. Furthermore, early DeFi projects required users to be highly experienced while having adequate capital at their disposal.

SingularityDAO is one of the few platforms that generate yield by trading cryptocurrency assets through an AI-powered DeFi portfolio, giving users access to a diverse range of crypto tokens.

These tokens exist as DynaSets, which are sets of assets managed by a combination of professional traders and artificial intelligence. After assets are deposited in a DynaSet, users can allocate LP tokens representative of their share of a DynaSet. The Dynamic Asset Manager option will manage the assets, trading coins based on market info and trends, with the intent to generate yield. 

The company claims DynaSets products’ performance exceeded the numbers of popular digital assets –– Bitcoin (BTC) by as much as 13.6% and Ethereum (ETH) by 18%.

Since smart contracts power Dynasets, users have the advantage of immediate reaction time and trade execution across multiple liquidity pools. The result is increased efficiency, fewer fees, and a slippage limit, all without creating an account.

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