Coinhub AI quantitative trading leads the new wave of crypto, with user data up over 200% in Q2

by Jeffery Konopelski

After experiencing the global popularity after its launch, Coinhub, as a pioneer in the field of AI intelligent quantification of encrypted assets, continued the efficient development trend of the launch period at the end of the second quarter of 2022, and constantly refreshed industry records. According to professional statistics, as of the end of the second quarter of 2022, the number of users participating in Coinhub AI quantitative trading has increased by more than 200% compared with the previous quarter, and the maximum number of simultaneous online pledges on the platform has exceeded 50,000. In Europe, the United States, The total amount of financing in the Asia-Pacific region also hit a new high of US$400 million.

Although the value of some encrypted assets is currently at a high level or is facing adjustment, Coinhub still effectively guarantees the daily investment income of more than 0.2% for investors with its perfect AI intelligent learning algorithm and technical support provided by Binance and Metamask. As more and more people feel the advantages of AI intelligent quantitative trading through experience, we also have reason to believe that Coinhub will gain more cooperation with industry giants in the future development, jointly overcome the headwind of the market, and attract more excellent investment through income addition of the person.

In order to thank the core investors, teams and institutions that Coinhub has supported us since its launch, the Coinhub Group plans to complete the on-chain FIL-Coinhub (FUB) ERC20 token in June 2022. Coinhub has provided 6 million FUB tokens, Reward to AI quantitative investment users. Coinhub will update AI quantitative trading version 3.0 on June 15, 2022. After the update, 4 million FUB tokens will be awarded to investment users.

At the same time, Coinhub will also officially hold a press conference in New York, USA in October 2022 to announce the future strategic plan of the group.

The era of AI intelligent quantitative trading has come, and the next upsurge in the field of encrypted assets has arrived. Are you ready?

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